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Russia goes all out with its SU-57 stealth plane: La Nouvelle Tribune

More than seven months after the start of the Russian offensive in Ukraine, fighting continues on the ground. In recent days the pays de Zelensky claims significant territory gains after the start of the counter-offensivegiven by Kiev. In this period, Fly it annexed four Ukrainian regions after referendums criticized by most Western countries. As the fighting still continues on the ground, the media reported that Russia has deployed its own SU-57 stealth plane in Ukraine.

The Russia obviously he is not ready to end his offensive which is claiming many victims on both sides. As evidence, sources have announced that the country leads Vladimir Poutine heavy artillery outside. Indeed, according to the Russian site Aviapro, Russia has deployed one of its fearsome stealth aircraft for the first time. According to generally well-presented sources, this fighting machine was fully developed in nearly two decades and had never been deployed in a real-world situation.

According to the website Capital, at least four aircraft of this model are currently deployed in Ukraine with the mission of identifying and destroying “Ukrainian air defense systems”. “The stealth technology implemented during the development of the fifth generation fighters proved to be quite effective. We know that the Su-57s were never detected by NATO radars and air defense installations during their missions.”, The anonymous source further stated.

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