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Rural Loyalty Fridges Combining Ecology and Community – Latest Installations in Bléré and Tours

On the one hand, soon to end products that are going to be in the trash, on the other hand very tight budgets that do not allow us to eat properly. The concept of loyalty fridges, launched by Dounia Mebtoul, in June 2017 combines ecology and loyalty.

In Indre-et-Loire, the most recent was installed in April 2024 in Bléré social center. This is the first one to see the light of day in a rural area. In Tours, the first loyalty fridge was installed near the restaurant Le Mastroquetbefore covid. “The project was done by two students”remembers Christelle Peynot, the chef of the restaurant, located on Place des Halles.

Since then, there have been ups and downs. “The fridge broke, we just got a new one. »

“It’s hard for everyone”

The fridge is out of sight (you have to push a gate to get to it), “which allows people who are not comfortable to come and help themselves more freely.” The restaurant has become used to dropping items, neighbors in the neighborhood come to empty their fridge when they go on vacation. “A few traders from Les Halles fill it, but it should be more known so that it is filled regularly. »

A little further away, Place de la Victoire, Barbara has moved the loyalty fridge to the back of the restaurant in the last few days. “With the school holidays, we won’t see the students anymore. I am going to send it back at the beginning of the school year. »

The restaurant did not hesitate for a second when the City’s Social Action Travel Center offered to install this mini-fridge at the entrance of its establishment. For two years, managers have been coming to collect yogurt, or apples left by other sellers. “I often see a father with three children come to help himself, it’s difficult for everyone…”

Compulsory hard

Barbara would like to drop her dishes but this is impossible for her. “Today, I had some stuffed tomatoes left, but we are not allowed to put in preparations that are not empty. » Managing a loyalty fridge has to be a little tight. “Every day I check that the expiry dates have not passed, it also needs to be cleaned regularly. »

Strength that volunteers can turn off. Until now, CCAS City of Tours, which has five loyalty fridges in stock, is still looking for places of reception (restaurant, association, etc.). “We really want, recognizes Jean-Baptiste Roy, responsible for social action. We want to make sure the carrier handles it well, so it doesn’t become a junk fridge. » To the Tanners, the association Les Bonnes Mines, managing the one installed on the first floor of the university. Sensitive students regularly find foods, dairy products, etc. “Bakers also come to drop off their unsold items. »

Some ventures sometimes fail. At the Ressourcerie, the loyalty fridge concept was tested at the beginning of 2019. “We had to stop it quickly because it was very hot that year, remembers Sophie Robin, founder and director of the reuse association. The fridge was installed outside, in full sun, we couldn’t keep the products cool properly. »

By moving to Rue Fromentel a few months ago, the association did not dismiss the idea of ​​relaunching the concept. “If a resident sends me the idea, we’ll do it again. »

During the school holidays, the medical school charity fridge is not very full.
© (NR Photo, Pascaline Message)

Where can you find a loyalty fridge?

In Tours:

– Le Mastroquet, 19, send Gaston-Paillhou (take the gate on the right).

– Café Concept 16 bis, Place de la Victoire (inside).

– Tanners University (first floor, next to BU).

– University of Medicine, boulevard Tonnellé (opposite the entrance to the BU).

– Courteline social center, 48, rue Georges-Courteline (inside).

In Bléré:

– At the social cultural center, 26, rue des Déportés.

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