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Rumors Swirl Around Microsoft’s Potential Development of Windows 12: What Could It Bring?

According to the latest rumors, Microsoft may be actively developing the Windows 12 operating system. Although it is less than two years since the release of Windows 11, relevant reports indicate that Microsoft may launch Windows 12 in 2024. Although Microsoft has not officially announced relevant plans, this does not prevent us from looking forward to the new features that the next major version of Windows can bring.

The rollout of Windows 11 has been relatively slow, and although anyone can install it manually after the official release, Microsoft has gradually made the upgrade available to other users through Windows Update, making the new version’s rollout somewhat unspectacular. For Windows 12, we expect Microsoft to launch it more confidently, allowing users to quickly experience the new operating system without the need for a cumbersome upgrade process.

As of now, Microsoft has not announced a release date for Windows 12 or even whether it is developing the operating system. According to a report from Windows Central’s Zac Bowden, word is that Microsoft is planning to set the interval between major Windows updates to three years, which means we could see Windows 12 in the fall of 2024, but it’s still early days.

I believe everyone expects Windows 12 to be a free upgrade to Windows 11. Although Microsoft is still selling the new Windows 11, users with legally purchased Windows 10 can upgrade for free. Since Windows 8.1, Microsoft has provided free upgrades to subsequent versions, and foreign media believe that this situation will not change in Windows 12.

Microsoft’s multi-billion dollar investment in OpenAI has revolutionized every aspect of the company, from Bing Chat to Skype’s various AI features. For Windows 12, we look forward to seeing AI technology impact every aspect of the operating system. Currently, Microsoft already has some AI technologies, such as AI voice typing as an accessibility feature in Windows 11, and AI technology used to improve background blur and noise reduction in Teams.For Windows 12, although it is difficult to determine where Microsoft will apply AI technology, we hope to see more applications in improving productivity, including in focus sessions, notifications, and gadgets.


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