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Ice rinks opened early this morning in a number of places in the Netherlands. But anyone who wants to enjoy the first natural ice of this winter has to be quick: the track in Doorn is closed again because the ice is no longer reliable.

“The ice literally melted under our feet,” says Auke Porte of the Doornsche IJsclub around 12 noon. His ice rink in Doorn was one of the first to open this morning. The rear part remained closed to be on the safe side because the sun often shines there, Porte said RTV Utrecht.

Speed ​​skaters were also not welcome, only ‘scribblers’ and recreational skaters were allowed on the ice. When the sun started to shine exuberantly, the skating fun was over.

The skating rink in Winterswijk also opened this morning. Earlier in the week it was equally exciting whether the first marathon on natural ice would be skated on that track.

Yesterday it turned out that there would be insufficient ice formation for this, despite the special foam concrete surface. Three centimeters of ice are needed for such a marathon, at 8.30 am there was seven millimeters, reports Omroep Gelderland.

“It was hard work,” says ice master Auke Spijkstra:

In Winterswijk people skate on natural ice: ‘Get out of bed!’

“Beautiful ice. With the sun right behind it. You enjoy this,” says one of the skaters in Winterswijk in the NOS Radio 1 News. “It’s nice that it’s possible now,” says another visitor who quickly puts on her skates. “I checked every day to see if the ice rink was open. I set the alarm at seven o’clock, checked the website to see if it was green… and now I’m going to the rink quickly.”

The ice rink in Winterswijk was still open around noon. But the sun is also shining there, so it is unclear how long skating can continue.

On the other side of the country, in De Lier, not far from The Hague, you can also skate on natural ice (for a while). “We have a beautiful ice rink,” says chairman Wim van den Berg of the Hardgaat-ie ice rink. “We started on time yesterday and we hoped that the weather would remain clear,” he says. Broadcasting West. “Unfortunately it became cloudy around midnight, but fortunately clear again at 5am. So we made it happen.”

Van den Berg does not know how long the ice rink can remain open. “As long as we can,” is the simple answer.


The ice fun is short-lived, because from the end of the afternoon winter showers will move across the country from the west. As a result, conditions in the western coastal provinces may become slippery due to both snow and icing of wet road sections, it warns KNMI.

This can also happen in the north during the evening. Code yellow has been declared for the west and north of the country from 5 p.m. to midnight.

It will snow again tomorrow afternoon from the southwest and a snow cover of 1 to 3 centimeters may develop. That snow area also moves further northeast across the country. This may cause slippery conditions to occur again.

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