“RTU Border Guard” / “Jurmala” convincingly wins “Biolars” / “Jelgava” team in the Baltic League

RTU / Border Guard Photo: RTU / Border Guard

“RTU Border Guard” / “Jurmala” on Saturday won the success of “Credit24” Baltic volleyball championship game.

“RTU Border Guard” / “Jūrmala” won “Biolars” / “Jelgava” 3-0 (25:17, 25:15, 25:16) at home.

Renārs Pauls Jansons scored 17 points in Jūrmala team, two of which were saved with a block. Ten more points were added by Macs Nikolas Ariel.

Among the losers, Yevgeny Vyatkin was the most productive with 11 points, but Alexander Kudrayoshov scored six points.

On Sunday, Daugavpils University / Ezerzeme and Biolars / Jelgava units will go to the square. The leader unit “Saaremaa” and Tallinn “Selver” will also meet.

Saaremaa leads the league with 26 points in nine battles. Jēkabpils “Lūši” with 16 points in seven matches takes the second place, ahead of Tartu “Bigbank”, which is third in eight games with 15 points. “RTU Robežsardze” / ”Jūrmala” follows with 14 points in eight dueles, Latvian-represented “Parnu” has 12 points in six games, while Jelgava residents with eight points are eighth, but “Daugavpils University” / “Ezerzeme” is left without points in five fights is the last among the ten units.

This year, ten teams participate in the men’s competition in the “Credit24” Master League – five from Estonia (Tartu “Bigbank”, “Parnu”, “Saaremaa”, Tallinn “Selver” and “TalTech”), four from Latvia (“Daugavpils University” / “Ezerzeme”) , “RTU Border Guard” / “Jūrmala”, Jēkabpils “Lūši” and “Biolars” / “Jelgava”), and among the participants there are again Lithuanian representatives – Klaipeda “Amber Volley”.

At the end of March this year, due to the spread of Covid-19, the organizers of the tournament decided not to play in the “Final four” tournament, as a result of which the champions were not crowned.


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