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RTL Today – Sandweiler: Top squash for hosting celebrity events and league games

Would you like to take part in one of the fastest racket sports in the world? Top Squash Sandweiler will host recurring celebrity squash matches with the aim of promoting awareness and participation in the sport.

With squash included in the roster for the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics, this serves as a central platform for the squash community to implement initiatives to promote the sport.

In an exciting debut, squash director – and presenter of the Today Radio show Let’s talk about sports – Nathan Snead has selected two outstanding athletes to start in the opening game on Saturday, December 9th. Nascar driver Gil Leinster will take on recently retired rugby player and Letz Talk Sport colleague Scott Brown, bringing an exciting mix of speed and agility to the squash court.

After this dynamic opening, a host of impressive competitors are waiting to take the spotlight. The next participants will be Julian Hincks (swimmer), Dylan Pereira (racer), Chris Lesh (motorcyclist), Flavio Gianot (fencer) and Amy Thompson (footballer).

The games are strategically planned to serve as an exciting prelude to the important events in top squash. Other important dates in the calendar are Bundesliga games and various tournaments. It is hoped that the celebrity games will bring excitement and energy to the venue.

As part of this initiative, the Top Squash Open and the prestigious Luxembourg Masters will also host these attractive games, enhancing the overall experience for fans and participants alike.

The venue is open to spectators who want to watch their favorite players and teams and support them with food and drinks.

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