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RTL 5 minutes – Placebo: Cough syrups would be completely ineffective

Some of them will be withdrawn from sale in 2020. One ingredient has been making everyone agree for years …

You will now have to do without certain cough medicines: several brands of syrup such as Toplexil or thereINALPIN are withdrawn from sale … Their active ingredients are sometimes contradictory!

Ineffective products

“A drug that stops the cough reflex, for example, a cough suppressant, is sometimes combined with a drug that thins the secretions to try that the fatty cough can be expectorated”, explains Valérie Lacour, pharmacist.

Some syrups contain up to 4 active ingredients: against dry, oily cough, colds and pains. Ineffective products.

For some, all cough syrups are useless

But, Roy Remme, researcher and professor at the center of general medicine at the University of Antwerp, goes further: for him, it’s all the cough syrups that are useless.There is no scientific evidence to prove the effectiveness of cough syrups … With syrup, you can’t heal. There may be a placebo effect, that’s all. “

Shouldit withdraw all syrups from the market?

“Yes, I think it makes no sense to keep them on the market,” he insists.

So how do you treat yourself if you have a dry or oily cough? How to successfully sleep at night for example?

“What remains most useful against coughing is to stay well hydrated and drink sugary drinks”, suggests pharmacist Valérie Lacour. “We can have fun with small sweets. Greasing your throat well will soothe it and prevent or calm a cough. “

One product makes everyone agree

Syrups with a single active ingredient will always be on sale. Also be aware that a product agrees with pharmacists, doctors and grandmothers: honey… Except for children under one year old.

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