Roxeanne Hazes opens up about ongoing legal battle with mother Rachel Hazes over inheritance of father André Hazes

Nov 28, 2023 at 9:34 PM Update: 2 hours ago

Roxeanne Hazes does not have the idea that she and her mother Rachel will settle their argument. “I have to remain realistic: too much has happened,” the singer said in the program on Tuesday Dorst Farm.

Hazes and her mother are involved in a legal battle, including over the inheritance of her father André Hazes.

The singer calls it complicated that the two have not been able to get through a door properly for years. “Because you would prefer to have a very nice bond with your mother and discuss things that you would really like to discuss about being a mother, or whatever, and I can’t do that.”

Although Hazes is sometimes jealous of friends who have a good relationship with their mother, she consciously chose to distance herself from Rachel. “When I became a mother myself, I made a very clear choice not to let that happen again. And not to feel that pain anymore, I don’t want that for myself, I don’t want that for my child and I don’t want that for my family .”

That decision also gave the singer peace of mind. “I also feel good. I am good. That has taken me many years, because it is of course not something that has only come into play in recent months.”

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