Routine Exercise Helps Prevent Breast Cancer, Women Must Practice! – Breast cancer is still a disease with the highest cases in the world, and is the most experienced by people woman.

Quoting the news from on February 20, 2020, from the data released by GLOBOCAN, as many as 684,996 people worldwide died from the disease in 2020.

Meanwhile, in Indonesia itself, breast cancer being the most cancer cases, namely 65,858 cases out of a total of 396,914 cancer cases.

These results were found from the 2020 Global Cancer Observatory data.

The good news, breast cancer can be prevented by regular exercise. This was revealed by Halle Moore, MD, an oncologist breast cancer.

Moore said there were various studies showing a link between physical activity and reduced mortality from cardiovascular disease and cancer.

“According to a study, it improves Sports and lowering body fat can reduce risk breast cancer on woman post menopause, “he explained.

The research published in the journal JAMA Network reveals, woman postmenopausal who exercised 300 minutes per week reduced total body fat than those who exercised about half of that time.

Decreased body fat likely plays a role in reducing risk breast cancer.

Added Moore, to guard health, we should exercise at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity per week or Sports high intensity for 60-75 minutes per week.

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