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Rosanna and Niels from ‘Temptation island’ (again) apart

Rosanna and Niels. ©  Play5

Rosanna Voorwald and Niels van der Zanden, one of the more famous couples from Temptation island from several years ago, have broken up. Rosanna announced this on Instagram. According to the Dutch, it is a permanent break.

Almost a year ago, the two also decided to split up, after images surfaced of a major argument. Later, Rosanna took the blame for their quarrel. Niels was angry with her after she drank vodka at a party. She had not coped well with that, after which she had fought with only those present.

It is unknown why they broke up now. Niels and Rosanna participated twice Temptation island and shared nude images on OnlyFans. (tove)

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