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Doha – Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said Portugal superstar Cristiano Ronaldo faced a political ban during the World Cup in Qatar. International media reported that Erdogan also said that Ronaldo was left unused in a major tournament such as the World Cup in Qatar. Portugal lost to Morocco in the quarterfinals of the World Cup by a one-way goal. Portugal sent Cristiano to play as a substitute in this match.

Cristiano Ronaldo was not included in the starting eleven in the pre-quarter match against Switzerland. Ronaldo, who played in Qatar with the brilliance of being the first male player to score a goal in five different World Cups, returned in tears.

“They wasted Ronaldo. Unfortunately, they brought a political disqualification to Ronaldo. Cristiano Ronaldo is a person who stood with Palestine. “He has not yet publicly stated his position on the Israeli-Palestinian issue,” Erdogan told a youth conference in Erzurum, the eastern province of Turkey.

Erdogan also responded that sending a player like Ronaldo onto the pitch with just 30 minutes to play is destroying his confidence and energy. Ronaldo leaves English Premier League club Manchester United during the World Cup. He is said to be joining Saudi Arabian club Al Nasr for a fee of €200m.

English summary: Cristiano Ronaldo subjected to ‘political ban’ at 2022 FIFA World Cup: Turkey President Recep Erdogan

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