Roman Rotenberg announced the injury of a key SKA player

Photo: Golubovich Dmitry, “Championship”

Roman Rotenberg announced the injury of a key SKA player

February 7, 2023

SKA head coach Roman Rothenberg after the defeat from Metallurg (2:3), he spoke about injuries in the army camp. Vasily Glotov, Emil Galimov and Vladislav Tsitsyura did not play in the third period.

“We approach each game individually, we don’t look at the standings, we refine the details. Yes, there are many changes in the roster, and in St. Petersburg the guys are getting ready for the playoffs, we are holding training camps there. And today one of the key players was injured in the game. Our task is to refine the details so that there are no weak spots in the playoffs.

Zykov has a very serious injury, here we are talking not about hockey, but about health. If in his place there was not such a strong guy as Zykov, everything could be much worse. I can’t even imagine. It is better not to allow such situations. Each player against SKA comes out with a desire to win, all previous defeats can be smeared with a victory over us. We understand that the next games will be the same. Let’s see who deserves to play in the playoffs, the strongest will come out, ”Championship correspondent Elena Kuznetsova reports Rotenberg’s words.

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Source: “Championship”

Head photo: Golubovich Dmitry, “Championship”

Author:Elena Kuznetsova

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