Roland Daxl resigns as managing director of SV Ried

REED. Just a few days after promotion to the Bundesliga, Roland Daxl resigned from his position as managing director of SV Ried Fußball GmbH. The new managing director should be presented promptly.

Roland Daxl, who has held leading positions at SV Guntamatic Ried since 2009, resigns as managing director of SV Ried Fußball GmbH. The 46-year-old entrepreneur will continue to work in the SV Ried Presidium. A new managing director for Fußball GmbH will soon be hired.

More time for the family

“After a decade, it was time for me to take this step. Now I want to have more time for my family and for my company. We have achieved the big goal of getting back into the tipico Bundesliga. Now I can hand over responsibility for the club to someone else with a clear conscience, ”emphasizes Roland Daxl. And further: “I lived with full strength for this club for a decade. These were very nice, but not always easy times. SV Ried is very important to me. That is why I will continue to remain with the club and ensure a smooth and smooth transition to my successor. The new managing director is to be presented in a timely manner. Until then, I will remain in office as managing director. I would like to express my sincere and sincere thanks to all employees, my fellow Presidium members, and all partners and sponsors who have always stood by me and our SV Ried, even in the most difficult times. “

With full-time managing director in the Bundesliga

“I would like to express my sincere thanks to Roland on behalf of the entire association,” explains board member Thomas Gahleitner. And further: “What he has done for SV Guntamatic Ried in the past few years cannot be reconciled with the effort and commitment with the task of a volunteer board member. In turbulent and turbulent times in particular, he worked with our Presidium colleagues and employees with all our heart and soul for our club. His great commitment cannot be overestimated and recognized. Therefore, it goes without saying that we will now appoint a full-time managing director for the Bundesliga and thus be well equipped in Austria’s top division. The new structures and the new distribution of tasks will be developed and presented at the beginning of September. “

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