Roger Waters’ performances have been canceled due to critical statements about Ukraine

Two concerts that Roger Waters, co-founder of the rock group Pink Floyd, allegedly held in the Polish city of Krakow have been canceled. The British musician had strongly criticized Ukraine and the West in the conflict with Russia in an open letter.

Earlier in September Roger Waters wrote in an open letter that the West should stop supplying arms to Ukraine. He accused Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelensky of tolerating “extreme nationalism”. Waters had called on him to end this “deadly war”.

Live Nation Polska, the concert organizer, announced on Twitter that the April 2023 concerts have been canceled without further information.

Waters denied Polish media messages on Facebook that his own band canceled the performances. He attacked Lukasz Wantuch, a member of the Krakow city council, who had called on the city’s residents to boycott the concerts. Wantuch “drastically censors my work,” criticized Waters.

The Krakow city council will also decide next week on a motion to declare Roger Waters ‘persona non grata’ and to blacklist the musician.

Waters is touring Europe, featuring music from his solo career and Pink Floyd. On April 25 he normally goes to Antwerp.

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