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Rodolfo Landim’s Legacy and Critique of Flamengo’s Governance Structure

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Rodolfo Landim wants to leave the ‘governance process’ to the club

By: Leo José and Pedro Paulo Catonho

President of Flamengo, Rodolfo Landim met with the political group ‘União Rubro-Negra’ last Monday (04). At the meeting, the president revealed the main legacy he intends to leave at the club at the end of 2024, when he will leave the portfolio. Furthermore, the top hat made a warning for the future: “Depending on who you elect as president, it could destroy the club quickly, very quickly”.

One of the things I would like to leave, as a legacy or for people to stop and think within Flamengo, is a little about the governance and decision-making process within the club. Because, if people on the one hand say that Flamengo is structured the way it has been for ten years, that in 20 years it will be a dominant club, it is because they have zero understanding of organization — said Rodolfo Landim, in a recording obtained by the Coluna do Fla.

Journalists may understand something about football, but they understand nothing about company management. It will be in the hands of whoever you elect as club president. I can tell you that, depending on who you elect as president, it could destroy the club quickly, very quickly, even with the budget we managed to grow to 1.3 billion per year. This is an important message — added Rodolfo Landim.

At the meeting with ‘União Rubro-Negra’, Rodolfo Landim spoke about various topics and presented his views on the club’s future. The political group, of approximately 150 people, still does not have a defined side to support in the 2024 elections. So, the president tried to ‘pull’ the voters to their side of the situation.

Despite this, Rodolfo Landim has not yet defined who will be the candidate for succession. At the meeting on Monday (04), the president revealed that he will carry out internal research to find out whether to launch Rodrigo Dunshee or Luiz Eduardo Baptista, the BAP.


“Flamengo is a non-profit sports association that has a governance process established in its statutes in 1992. It is a complex governance process. There is a Board of Directors, with several members, then we have a Board of Directors, with around 100 members, and we have a Deliberative Council with 2,600 people (laughs).

It’s a good thing they don’t all go there (at the deliberation meetings), because otherwise it wouldn’t be possible for everyone to be there to deliberate on this. It would depend on the decision, the level of the decision, the subject.

It is a complex governance and I think it is very far, in my perception, from ideal, speaking honestly to you (laughs). I don’t own Flamengo or anything. Flamengo has been like this for a long time and so on.

In my first discussion before talking about SAF, SAF is a way of structuring and saying the following: “Flamengo could structure all its football actions in a different way, with another type of governance, like a joint-stock company has and , in this way, manage the club’s main sport.

Historically, if we look at it, Flamengo, because it has this complex governance, ends up having a process that is strange. If, on the one hand, he demands levels of approval on some things at Flamengo’s highest level, which is its Deliberative Council, on others, he leaves it, due to a real market need, in the hands of the club’s president.

I’ll give you a typical example: if tomorrow I want to sign Arrascaeta, as I did for 18 million euros in contract, which was within Flamengo’s capacity at that time. But, if I want to sign Neymar, for 270 million euros, paying him around 60 million euros a year, as that’s what he earns, I’ll sign him too. I go there, sign a contract and hire him.

If I sign Neymar and sign another Cristiano Ronaldo I will break Flamengo, I will simply break Flamengo. I have the power to do this, the statute gives me the power to do this. [inaudível por 2 segundos] If I were to have to submit myself to a club’s Board of Directors… Boards of Directors always have their own. The probability of this thing leaking (negotiation per athlete) is 100%, someone will certainly leak it, and the process is a competitive process, with other clubs participating in the process.

So, to take on a process of this size, the president has total power to do so, but if he wants to sell an apartment there in Morro da Viúva, estimated at around R$3.8 million, he has to go to the Deliberative Council”.

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