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Rob Kemps: From Snollebollekes to Acting Debut and Drag Queen – Paris, Film Role, and New Game Show!

It is clear that Rob Kemps is no longer only known as the party act Snollebollekes. He previously presented programs for the NPO and SBS6 and won De Slimste Mens. However, there are some new talents added to the CV of the singer from Best. In the Omroep Brabant radio program Graat & De Laat he talks about his acting debut, his plans to go to Paris and his performance as a drag queen. “That’s a nice woman.”

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Evie Hendriks

It was a no-brainer when Christel de Laat watched the RTL4 program Make Up Your Mind on Saturday. “Within four seconds I saw it: that is Rob Kemps,” she says in Graat & De Laat. “But you were a hot chick.”

“It wasn’t easy for someone who is two meters tall and weighs 98 kilos.”

Kemps, who normally performs on stage as a man, explains that it was not easy to bring out his feminine side. “It was not easy for someone of two meters and 98 kilos to make something of it.” And it showed, because he was the first to be eliminated in the competition and all panel members guessed the identity of the singer and presenter.

So there is no change in his career, but fortunately he can continue to present. Last week it was announced that Kemps will host the TeamNL House in Paris during the Summer Olympics. There he can pay tribute to the top athletes and throw a party.

“Sometimes things come together,” he says. “The fact that I can combine presenting in the city of Paris, which I love so much, with creating an atmosphere is really great.” And that’s not all. Kemps also has his first film role.

“If daddy can be in a movie, I’m not going to say no.”

He plays the director of a chocolate factory in the children’s film Aunt Rita’s party 2: The chocolate bomb. “If I can go to the cinema with my eldest daughter of four and it is also a film in which dad plays, then I cannot say no,” thought Kemps when he was asked.

And as if the singer’s schedule isn’t busy enough, he will also present the new game show 30 Seconds on SBS6. A concept that Christel and Jordy think is very similar to their 30 Counting. “The better stealing work,” Christel laughs.

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