Rizky Billar Expelled from host DA 5, netizens are happy

Wednesday 5 October 2022 – 05:04 am WIB

Live show Bill Rizky thrown out Like this guest DA 5 broadcast on Indosiar. This is due to the consequences of the domestic violence (KDRT) he committed against his wife, Lesti Kejora.

This announcement was delivered live to all audiences in the studio and at home. All presenters consisting of Ruben Onsu, Irfan Hakim, Gilang Dirga and others confirmed that Rizky Billar was no longer working with them.

“We want to invite all Indonesians to be brave enough to speak out and reject all forms of violence. Once again, I reiterate that we reject all forms of domestic violence,” Ruben Onsu said on stage.

DA 5 host announces the expulsion of Rizky Billar

The announcement of Rizky Billar’s dismissal as presenter of Dangdut Academy 5 was delivered by Irfan Hakim, which began with a prologue by Ramzi.

“Indosiar has answered questions from netizens. We hereby announce that starting tonight Rizky Billar will no longer be the guest of Dangdut Academy 5,” said Irfan Hakim accompanied by applause from the studio audience.

Naturally, the sanction deviates from the KPI regulation which closes the space on radio or television of perpetrators of domestic violence. After announcing the statement, Irfan Hakim looked down.

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