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Rising Fuel Prices in the Netherlands: Motorists to Pay More at the Pump in 2024

By our economics editors

23 Aug 2023 at 19:02

If the outgoing cabinet does not intervene, motorists will pay considerably more at the pump in 2024. Excise duties are rising and are also adjusted for inflation. A liter of petrol will soon cost 21 cents extra and a liter of diesel 13 cents.

Fuel prices also rose in July due to extra excise duties. A liter of petrol then became about 17 cents more expensive and a liter of diesel about 12 cents including VAT. That was the first step in reversing a temporary excise duty reduction that the cabinet implemented in 2022. The second step will follow in January.

But it’s going to hurt even more. In answers to parliamentary questions, outgoing State Secretary Marnix van Rij (Finance) says that in addition to the excise duty increase, the outgoing cabinet is also implementing the annual inflation adjustment to excise duties. It uses a percentage of 9.9 percent for this.

In 2024, the Dutch government will therefore charge almost 1 euro in excise duty per liter of petrol. From an international perspective, excise duties in the Netherlands are very high.

Fuel prices are already very high. Motorists pay 2.23 euros per liter of petrol and 1.96 euros per liter of diesel. In January next year, there will probably be another significant price increase.

Van Rij emphasizes that the excise rates can still change if the outgoing cabinet decides to adjust them in the budget. In the coming weeks, the top of the cabinet will negotiate possible purchasing power measures for the coming year.

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