Rising Expectations for Chinese Youke’s Return to Korea Sparks Industry Revival

Rising Expectations for Chinese Youke’s Return to Korea Sparks Industry Revival

Expectations for return to Chinese Yuke continue to rise

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◇ Expectations to return to Chinese Youke continue to rise, etc.

As the Chinese government has completely allowed Chinese group tours to Korea for the first time in six years, a stream of Youke (Chinese tourists) is continuing to enter Korea. International passenger ship routes connected to China, such as Incheon Port and Pyeongtaek Port, began to operate in earnest, and Korea-China international passenger ships also resumed passenger transportation after 3 years and 7 months.

The airline industry is also experiencing a boom due to increased passenger demand, and demand for routes in the Greater China region is reviving as the arrival of Youke is expected to increase, and group tourists during the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holidays (Sep. It is expected that this will enter the country in earnest, and related industries are preparing for it. In response, the government is paying attention to whether the tourism balance will improve if Chinese tourists, the ‘big hand’ of the domestic tourism industry, return as China allows its citizens to tour Korea in groups.

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In this news, cosmetics themes such as Korean cosmetics, Coreana, Cosmax, Olipass, and VT, casino/duty-free shop themes such as Lotte Tourism Development, GKL, Global Tax Free, JTC, and Shinsegae, Very Good Travel, Mode Tour, T’way Air, Jeju Air and other travel/airline/low-cost carrier (LCC) themes are on the rise. In addition, themes of fashion/apparel and some domestic listed Chinese companies, such as Hyungji Elite, J.ESTINA, Hansae, Youngone Trading, Gamgam Corporation, and Hengsheng Group, also closed higher.

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◇ Some related stocks rose due to earnings surprises of major food and beverage companies and positive stock price prospects.

DS Investment & Securities mentioned in the report that major ramen makers recorded earnings surprises driven by overseas performance growth in the second quarter. This was attributable to high-margin overseas earnings growth and efforts to ease the cost burden. In the second quarter, Nongshim (overseas subsidiary) and Samyang Foods recorded KRW 241.7 billion and KRW 189.9 billion, respectively, accounting for 29% and 67% of the total.

In addition, Hana Securities explained through the report that it confirmed that the industry performance had passed the bottom through the announcement of the second quarter performance, and explained that the industry stock price formed the bottom in the third quarter, maintaining the existing forecast of an upward trend from the fourth quarter.

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Some food and beverage industry themes, such as Samyang Food, Binggrae, Novarex, Wooyang, Samyang Corporation, and Orion, closed higher due to the news. In particular, Samyang Foods recorded an upper limit due to strong performance in the second quarter and the news of the special pardon of Vice Chairman Kim Jeong-soo.

◇ Semiconductor-related stocks fell due to the plunge in the Philadelphia Semiconductor Index

Over the weekend, while the New York stock market closed mixedly amid a rebound in the producer price index (PPI), the Philadelphia semiconductor index closed sharply. Semiconductor equipment maker AMAT (-4.00%) fell, and DRAM makers Micron Technology (-1.64%) and AMD (-2.41%) each closed down.

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As inflation concerns grew amid the rebound in the producer price index, the rise in the US government bond interest rate acted as a burden.

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In response to this news, semiconductor-related stocks such as DB HiTek, DNF, ISC, I&C, APTC, and TFA closed down.

◇ Enter, 2Q earnings below the consensus impact

JYP Ent. announced its second quarter results through its semi-annual report after the market close on the 11th. Consolidated sales recorded KRW 151.731 billion (+123.92% year-on-year), operating profit KRW 45.689 billion (+88.24% year-on-year), and net profit KRW 25.389 billion (+67.12% year-on-year).

NH Investment & Securities explained that its 2Q results fell short of the consensus, and this is because sales of dome-level performances (4 performances, 200,000 people), which have a high contribution to per-show revenue, were not reflected, while content production costs and labor costs (bonuses) rose above expectations. did.

In addition, stock prices may be temporarily sluggish due to fatigue from the recent sharp rise in market interest and expectations for JYP Ent. in the stock market. It is predicted that the overall growth rate of the entertainment industry will slow down as the rate of quantitative growth slows.

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Amid this news, entertainment/music/record themes such as JYP Ent., Cube Enter, IOK, RB W, and KeyEast fell.

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