RI’s Biggest Energy Treasure Proposed to be Jokowi’s PSN

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia RI has been awarded with very abundant New and Renewable Energy (EBT) potential. Indonesia’s largest renewable source of renewable energy is solar energy with a total potential of 207.8 Giga Watt (GW), but its utilization is only 0.1%.

Therefore, the government continues to encourage the use of Solar Power Plants (PLTS), one of which is through Rooftop PLTS.

Director of Various New Energy and Renewable Energy of the Directorate General of EBTKE Chrisnawan Anditya said that the Rooftop PLTS was proposed to be a National Strategic Project (PSN).

“For information, we are proposing PLTS Roof to be included as a national priority program,” he explained in the Indonesian Renewable Energy Society (METI) Talks with the theme “2050 Indonesia RE100 Is it possible?” on Friday (23/07/2021).

According to him, until 2035 the development of PLTS will continue to be encouraged, not only rooftop PLTS, but also large-scale PLTS and floating PLTS. According to him, the cost of producing electricity from PLTS is getting cheaper here.

“PLTS above 10 MW was priced at US $ 10 sen (per kilo Watt hour/ kWh) is now towards US $ 5 sen, with the entry of Cirata floating PLTS and Bali PLTS US $ 5.5 sen-US $ 5.9 sen, “he explained.

He further said that the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources supports the industrialization of NRE until 2035. On the one hand, it seeks to reduce the price of EBT to make it more competitive, but at the same time it is also looking for ways to grow the industry.

“The floating solar power plant of US$ 5.81 cents is planned to build a domestic industry and there is a proposal to maximize it in the development of renewable energy. We have prepared the capability of the domestic industry to coordinate with the Ministry of Industry with the RUPTL out and later our grand long-term strategy will also be synchronized,” ” he explained.

He explained specifically for PLTS there are only around 17 industries. In order for the industry to survive, according to him, it must use a large market indication.

“For example, 3.61 PLTS (target up to 2025 of 3.6 GW) is being proposed as a PSN, how can 3.61 GW of demand come from within the country, not imports,” he explained.

It should be noted that in 2015 the installed capacity of PLTS was only 33.4 MW and until the end of 2020 it had reached 153.8 MW.

Until May 2021, Rooftop PLTS subscribers reached 3,781 customers with a total capacity of 31.32 MWp. Until 2025, the capacity of Rooftop PLTS is targeted to reach 3.6 Giga Watt (GW).

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