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Rimini, one euro holiday in the hotel but live streaming 24 hours

BOLOGNA A five-day holiday for couples at one euro per night as long as guests agree to be live streaming 24 hours a day. This is the proposal, for next summer, by the ‘Stupido Hotel’ in Rimini, which I count the Courier of Romagna. The ‘Grande Fratello’ hotel is imagined by its manager, Fabio Siva: “We are in the digital age. We are all online at the same time. We are all on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitch. Everyone wants to show themselves. all a holiday at the minimum price as long as they pay with privacy “.

On the fourth floor of the hotel, isolated from the rest, there will be cameras in three rooms, a control room with a voice who will present and comment on the live streaming. “Another camera will be placed in the central corridor, where guests will have breakfast together. And another will be installed on the terrace, where there will be deck chairs, umbrellas and a Jacuzzi for four people. We will remove the doors of the rooms and establish some mandatory common moments, to ensure that couples interact with each other as much as possible “, explains Siva.

The streaming, he announces, will be 24 hours a day on Twitch, 12 on YouTube, two on Facebook, “and we are planning those on the other social networks”. The casting has started.

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