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Review of the Watch Series 8: Features, Pros, and Cons

This was the main focus of praise from our evaluators: assistant editor Bruna Souza Cruz, producer Rodrigo Lara and doctor and amateur athlete Paulo Puccinelli.

It is an extension of the cell phone. When paired, it already syncs and downloads the iPhone apps available on the watch. Handling is easy and interactivity is excellent.
Paulo Puccinelli

Everything the Watch Series 8 sets out to do, it does very well and that’s its best feature. It is possible to leave it the way you want, with the applications, organization of icons and appearance that meets your taste, even if this requires a certain dedication and time.
Rodrigo Lara

It is very practical to read WhatsApp messages directly on the watch screen and access music control. I also used the timer option while cooking through the Siri voice assistant.
Bruna Souza Cruz

The functions dedicated to health monitoring and sports practices were also praised (the device also won awards dedicated specifically to these aspects). But not everything is flowers: the impractical bracelet, the short battery life, the sky-high price and the exclusive iPhone connectivity were targets of criticism.

Other good choices

If the Series 8 price put you off, the good news is that the Day to Day category was well contested, with little point difference between the eight smartwatches – a sign that all will have a positive impact on your routine.

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