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Review: MGP 2022 – That modulation should eventually be banned

TV: Saturday is the time for the fourth and final dolphin final in the Melodi Grand Prix. Here is our assessment of the songs that will compete.

Alexandra Joner: “Hasta la vista”
Lyrics and melody: Henrik Sæter and Jazara Aden Hutton.

“Hasta la vista” is reportedly a nod and a goodbye to boring and stubborn boys. However, there is little to suggest that Alexandra Joner sits down and gets depressed for that reason. The song that is served appears to be a bit more humorous than the message would suggest. It’s about rocking Latino pop according to all the rules of the art: accordion, strumming on nylon strings and hand clapping. The song itself is decent enough, although not particularly challenging or original. It is mostly about conveying a positive mood and energy. Here Alexandra will probably have to set fire to the stage if it is to work – it will certainly not be forgotten soon enough.

That modulation should eventually be banned

Maria Mohn: «Fly»
Lyrics and melody: Maria Mohn, Einar Kristiansen Five and Jan-Tore Saltnes.

Maria Mohn is not a first-time traveler in the Melodi Grand Prix. She has previously sung a duet with Kim Wigaard. Her mode in this round is world music of the violent kind. There is little doubt that Maria is a competent singer. She has a power and a span in her sonorous voice that suits people in a nice way. Technical surplus and a large voice are still not enough to give “Fly” sufficient air under the wings. It is perceived as relatively dated and formulaic in a context like this. We simply have to try a little harder.

That modulation should eventually be banned

Kim Wigaard: “La Melodia”
Lyrics and melody: Kim Wigaard Johansen, Marius Hagen, Karianne Sissener Amundsen and Ronny Janssen.

This round is apparently about the big emotions. Kim Wigaard delivers another powerful ballad, so saturated with pathos that it becomes pure too much of the good. The strings cry, Wigaard crushes what he has out of his vocal cords, while it crackles and crackles in subtle electronics elements at the bottom. Genre mixing is often a successful move in the context of MGP and “Eurovision”, but here the insistent opera-like song becomes more annoying than impressive. And that modulation should eventually be banned.

That modulation should eventually be banned

Sofie Fjellvang – «Made Of Glass»
Lyrics and Melody: Sofie Fjellvang and Kjetil Mørland

Sofie has received expert help from Kjetil Mørland when she wrote “Made of Glass”. Mørland even came in 8th place in «Eurovision» in 2015 together with Debrah Scarlett. Among other things, Sofie is known from “The Voice” and is currently working on her debut EP, together with Kjetil Mørland. We are still in ballad land, but this one actually has something to offer. This is primarily attributed to Sofie’s straightforward cool voice. She has a nice knack that really carries the intense chorus. You go a long way with a little character. The tempo and thrust slow down a bit as well. Promising.

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