Revealing all the details, Motive releases the video content for “Breaking Dimension Remastered”

Previously shown as Breaking Dimension Remasteredby soundAfter offering players a more immersive experience, EA Montreal Motive studio revealed full details of the remake of the classic sci-fi survival horror “Breakthrough Dimension” playing the video content on a real machine.

揭露 完整 詳情 , Motive 釋出 《絕命 異次元 重 製版》 實 機 遊玩 影片 內容

Revealing all the details, Motive releases the video content for “Breaking Dimension Remastered”

Motive emphasizes the remake of the Frostbite game engine and is faithful to the thrilling visuals of the original game and through redesigned improved sound effects and clear and terrifying visual effects, to create a higher level of immersion and quality of the game. .

This time around, players will be able to discover more content about “Ishi Village” and relive the game’s storyline through the new narrative elements. And as you go deeper and begin uncovering the ship’s secrets, as you battle terrifying creatures lurking around every corner, your sanity will also be tested.

Players will take on the role of “Isaac Clarke” in “Breakthrough”, a regular engineer preparing to perform routine maintenance on the giant mining ship “Ishimura”. However, what awaited him at “Ishi Village” was a living nightmare. The ship’s members are killed and infected and Isaac’s beloved partner Nicole gets lost somewhere on the ship. Trapped alone, Isaac faces a battle for survival by relying on his tools and repair skills, not only against terrifying monsters known as “Necromorphs”, but also to maintain his already shaky state.

This time around, “Breakthrough Dimension” will bring key improvements to the game’s content, including:

• Peeling system:The never-before-seen monster “Necromorph” is recreated with a new “flaying system” featuring layers of flesh, sinew and bone that burst, tear and shatter in shocking new ways. In addition to making strategy the key, players will also experience greater opportunities to be creative by harnessing a variety of unique weapons and abilities to battle these formidable foes.

• Intensity Director:It was easy to get lost in the beautiful and captivating world of Breaking Dimension, and now players will feel the weight of Isaac’s every step more deeply in the mystical landscape.

From the way Necromorphs spawn and attack themselves, to environmental effects like lights, smoke, particles and sounds, the new Intensity Director function dynamically adjusts the situation Isaac is about to face. Isaac’s heart rate, breathing, and stress responses also adapt to his stress level, providing the player with direct feedback from his mental, emotional and physical state.

• Advanced engineering fantasy:Without weapons or reinforcements, Isaac must resort to high-tech mining tools to repel the necromorphs, deftly dismember nightmare creatures, while solving puzzles on his thrilling journey and bringing the “Stone Village” ”systematized failure to his advantage.

Gunner Wright, Isaac’s original voice in “Breaking Dimension 2” (2011) and “Breaking Dimension 3” (2013), also returns, with new narrative content, for the love of the players. Fewer protagonists bring richer performances.

• Uninterrupted Shicun Experience:From the start of the game until the end of the production group screen, players will encounter no loading screens or cuts that could interrupt the dive in front of the terrifying narrow passages and dark corridors of the “Ishimura”. This remake takes the huge mining ship further, adding new rooms, paths and obstacles, as well as a new UI map control system and improved locators to help players explore smoothly.

Breakthrough Dimension launches on January 27, 2023 and is currently available for pre-order on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S and PC (EA, Steam and Epic Games Store apps).

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