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Real Madrid returned to attack the refereeing again, and this time the victim was referee Soto Grado, who will officiate their next match in the Spanish League against Real Betis.

This came again through the club’s channel, which did not have mercy on the referee and used footage from matches he led himself last year for the Royal team to justify the attack on him.

One of the commentators on the club’s channel said, according to what was reported by “Sportnewspaper: “He is the same one who presented scandalous levels last season against the team. They are taking our objection as a joke.”

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Another added: “Those who hire him for Real Madrid matches take him back to the crime scene, as if they want him to reenact it. Something bad will happen.”

It is worth noting that Grado had led the goalless draw between the two teams last season, which was held in March, but he officiated two matches for the Royal club after which they won against Seville and Real Sociedad with the same score, 2-1.

2023-12-08 22:38:11

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