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“Retired General David Petraeus: Russian forces gaining momentum in Ukraine, but casualties staggering”


Russian forces are gaining momentum in Ukraine, according to retired US General David Petraeus. However, he notes that the Russians have suffered staggering casualties and believes that Ukraine can still hold its own with the support of the United States. The two-year-long war in Ukraine has seen Russia’s full-scale invasion and the recent withdrawal of Ukrainian forces from the city of Avdiivka. Gen. Petraeus, who has extensive experience in warfare, spoke about the situation at the Munich Security Conference, where the mood was somber due to recent events. He highlighted the need for continued American support for Ukraine and praised European nations for stepping up their defense commitments. Despite Russia’s gains, Gen. Petraeus believes that Ukraine can sustain its position and even make progress with the right support. He also emphasized the importance of Ukraine making fundamental decisions about its military recruitment and force generation. If Ukraine were to lose the war, Gen. Petraeus warns that Putin would not stop there and could potentially target other countries, such as Moldova and the Baltic states. The war in Ukraine exhibits elements of trench warfare, minefields, and machine guns, but also incorporates new techniques like armed drones and cyber warfare. Gen. Petraeus stresses that supporting Ukraine is in America’s national security interest and essential for maintaining the rules-based international order. He also expresses concern about former President Donald Trump’s threats to withdraw from NATO and the potential development of an anti-satellite weapon by Russia, which could destabilize global security.

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