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Results of Municipal Elections: PP and PSOE Gain Absolute Majorities in 888 Municipalities

The results of the municipal elections guarantee to PP the government in the 459 municipalities where it has achieved absolute majoritiesincluding capitals such as Madrid, Malaga, Santander, Logroño, Cádiz and Córdoba, while the PSOE has achieved 429 absolute majorities, with Vigo as the leading capital.

With 97.8% of the votes counted, the socialists they will also have a mayor in cities like Soria o Meridawhere their absolute majorities allow them to automatically designate mayor at the head of their lists.

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, together with the candidate for mayor of Valencia, Sandra Gómez, and the socialist candidate for the Generalitat, Ximo Puig


commitment is the next force with the most absolute majorities, up to 70 in various municipalities of the Valencian Communityfollowed by ERCwhich today has guaranteed itself to govern in 54 Catalan towns without the need for pacts.

Despite having tripled its number of councillors, Vox has not achieved more than six absolute majorities in as many consistories, according to the scrutiny data.

One more mayor gets citizensthe same number as the PRC in Cantabria or Con Andalusia.

Above them is the PNV (33 municipalities), Eh Bildu (29), Agreement for To win (16), UPN (11) y BNG (8).

Regarding the relative majorities computed in the ballot, also the popular winwith 1,426, compared to 1,260 for the Socialists.

Feijóo, Ayuso and Almeida in a campaign event


All municipal election results, by municipality

From ‘Sports world We put at your disposal a tool to consult the result of the municipal elections of 28M in each and every one of the municipalities. To do this, you just have to use the search engine which you will find below this paragraph.

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