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Residents take advantage of Anies’ promises after endless Kampung Bayam controversy


No Anies Baswedan Kampung Susun Bayam residents have been mentioned at the center of the controversy over the rental prices of this apartment. Residents reclaim Anies’ pledge when he was still the governor of DKI Jakarta.

The promise in question is that residents can immediately enter and occupy the house in Kampung Susun Bayam. Asep Suwenda (54), is the person who collects the promise. Asep is the President of the Resident Fraternity Cooperative of Kampung Susun Bayam.

“Anies promise, yes, residents can enter early,” Asep said at DKI Town Hall, Central Jakarta on Friday (2/12/2022).

According to Asep, before the replacement of the DKI governor, residents hope to be able to enter Kampung Susun Bayam. However, until now residents have not been able to live in the KSB due to rent constraints.

“As for the others, we haven’t gotten in that direction yet. So, yeah, hopefully at that time, right before Mr. Anies’ resignation, we can get in. It turns out, Mr. Anies so far, how many days has it been with no office, we couldn’t get in,” he said.

As they are not yet allowed to occupy Kampung Susun Bayam, the residents are currently building tents in front of the JIS apartment. But some of them have chosen to bargain.

“We have leased on a contract, some of them live in tents, tents in front of JIS apartment, in KSB. We have been building tents there for a week and they are not strong,” he said.

Asep said that until now he has not been contacted again by JakPro to make sure he lives in Kampung Susun Bayam. He said that he no longer trusted Jakpro people other than the directors.

“No one has (contacted) yet, but they seem to have communicated with each other. Because frankly, even yesterday, even though the JakPro people received us inside, we didn’t want to go in,” Asep said.

“Don’t accept it, we are tired of JakPro people except the CEO. If it’s just ordinary employees, there can’t be a single decision, it’s useless,” he continued.

Asep admitted that he has not met Iwan Takwin as the new CEO of Jakpro. He hopes JakPro’s new chief executive can side with the residents.

“As for the new one, we don’t know yet. How far he is partial to the small community. We don’t know yet,” he said.

Asep said the residents were legitimate candidates for the KSB occupiers. She urged the provincial government DKI and JakPro to provide the occupancy keys immediately.

“Here’s how it is in terms of the administrative mechanism, we actually finish the correspondence first, all kinds of signatures. Indeed the mechanism is like this. But keep in mind that we are potential occupiers who have been verified. We already have a SK, we also have a residence number, the inauguration was yesterday. We are invited, in the sense that we are already part of it,” he said.

Demo of Balkot residents

Because of this, residents staged a demonstration in front of the Jakarta City Hall office. They threatened to continue their action until they received the keys to Kampung Susun Bayam’s accommodation.

The residents have asked the DKI provincial government to hand over their residential keys immediately. They said the rental price of Kampung Susun Bayam was not a priority right now.

It is known that residents staged a tent-setting action in front of DKI Town Hall on Thursday (1/12). But there were no satisfactory results from the first action.

Also, the response from the acting governor

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