Researchers Design Cheap Camera System That Can Detect Sound Vibration, Jakarta Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA have developed a camera system that can detect sound vibration with a level of precision that makes it possible to recreate audio without inference or microphones.

Those who are members of the Robotics Institute of the School of Computer Science team built a system that has two cameras and a laser. This is how it was reported EngadgetFriday (24/6/2022).

“This technology can detect ‘high-speed, low-amplitude surface vibrations’ that the human eye cannot see,” CMU said in its official press release.

The system that is currently being built is a camera standard (not high-speed) used in previous studies.

“We have made optical microphones much more practical and usable,” said Srinivasa Narasimhan, professor of the Robotics Institute of the School of Computer Science and head of CMU’s Imaging and Lighting Laboratory.

“We’ve made better quality while saving costs (low cost),” he added.

The embedded algorithm can compare the grain pattern captured by the rolling shutter and the global shutter. This process uses the differences between the patterns to calculate vibrations and recreate the audio.

The speckled pattern (created by the laser in this case) refers to the behavior of coherent light in space after it is reflected from a rough surface.

That behavior changes when the surface vibrates. The scrolling shutter quickly scans the image from one end to the other, while the global shutter captures the entire image simultaneously.

System Kamera it pushes the limits of what can be done with computer vision,” said assistant professor Matthew O’Toole, co-author of a paper on the system.

“This is a new mechanism for capturing high speeds and small vibrations, and presents a new research area.”

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