Republican Presidential Candidate Ron DeSantis Opposes Ukraine’s NATO Membership: Why It’s Not in the US’ Security Interests

Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis opposed Ukraine’s membership in NATO, saying it was not in the security interests of the United States.

Source: podcast The Glenn Beck Program, Bloomberg

Direct speech Desantis: “I don’t think NATO membership is in our best interest. All it does is more obligations for us. So if we add more obligations, what benefits do we get in return?”

Details: DeSantis also reiterated in the episode that he does not believe the US should give a “blank check” to Ukraine unless it uses leverage to end the conflict .

The podcast episode featuring DeSantis’ interview was released on September 23, two days after US President Joe Biden met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in the US.

2023-09-24 03:21:24
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