REPORTAGE. First vaccinations against Covid-19 in Saint-Brieuc

” You have an appointment ? ” asks this agent at the reception of the vaccination center against Covid-19 of Saint Brieuc (Côtes-d’Armor). The gentleman who leans on his cane, nods his head and mumbles that he has not managed to connect to the platform. “Sorry but we’re saturated, you’re going to have to turn back.” “

This Monday morning, January 18, Saint-Brieuc opened its first general public vaccination program, dedicated to over 75s. Robien’s large performance hall has been redesigned so that people follow an extremely marked route. Here, it is verified that the beneficiary is indeed eligible for vaccination. There, it is the space dedicated to the preliminary interview with the doctor.

Further on, behind large screens, five hospital nurses are busy near the cold room. This post “Requires great expertise”, specifies Jean-Baptiste Fleury, deputy director of the Yves-Le Foll hospital center. “We have to be careful because the molecule is extremely fragile. A dose of 0.3 ml per patient must be prepared ”, explains Patricia Nejjari, retired nurse anesthetist. With three injections every quarter of an hour, the Briochin vaccination center has enough stocks to operate for a month. But the supply is on. And an estimated 75,000 Costarmoricans over the age of 75.

Liliane, 77, considers herself lucky to benefit from the vaccine

“Getting vaccinated was obvious, because I have children who work in the medical field ”, testifies Liliane, 77, who considers herself lucky to be able to benefit from it. In the neighboring cubicle, André, 76, offers his bare shoulder to the nurse’s hands. Without hesitation, this inhabitant of Trégastel came to be inoculated with the Pfizer vaccine. You barely have time to close your eyes when the injection is already over. Now she needs to make an appointment for the booster shot. “The people we see have confidence in our practices, they are not even afraid of side effects”, reports Fabien Soreau, liberal nurse.

The saturated call center

The launch of general public vaccination, reserved for the moment for the over 75s, has aroused real enthusiasm. The Costa Rican call center and its 35 telephone lines have been saturated since Friday evening. “We had up to 300 calls a minute”, reports a representative of the Regional Health Agency (ARS). “ I am delighted with this membership, said Thierry Mosimann, the prefect of Côtes-d’Armor, but we will have to be patient and accept that there are orders of priorities. “


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