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Report: earthquake in attack for Juve

As Juventus supporters focus on which substitute striker could arrive to bolster the attacking department, a far more worrying problem may emerge – at least if the report is to be believed.

ilBianconero claim the old lady’s top three forwards – Cristiano Ronaldo, Paulo Dybala and Alvaro Morata – could leave the club at the end of the season.

Such a scenario would definitely be devastating to the Bianconeri believers, who are very fond of each of the three stars in question.

Though that finding seems a bit of a stretch at the moment, the report sets out why the club might have a legitimate reason to part ways with all three men involved.

In Ronaldo’s case, the source believes the Portuguese mega-star may want to try another adventure at the age of 36, and with his contract expiring in 2022, the club could take the last opportunity to sell him for a decent income and get rid of his outrageous wages in these particularly difficult financial times.

As for Dybala, his contract also expires in 2022 and renewal negotiations have recently stalled with Juve reportedly offering € 10m per season while the Argentine is asking for € 15m.

Finally, Morata’s loan from Atletico Madrid expires at the end of the season and the old lady can either extend the loan for another season for € 10m or buy the player’s outrights immediately for € 45m.

The source believes the final decision on the Spaniard’s future at the club will no doubt be influenced by the fate of his two teammates, but an immediate purchase seems unlikely at the moment.

While the exit of one of these stars cannot be ruled out next summer, in our view it is very unlikely that all three will depart during the same transfer session.

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