René van der Gijp sniffles for the Sint De Oranjewinter special broadcast

It’s always laughing, screeching and roaring when a very special Sinterklaas comes on the programme. Viewers will know him better as ‘Directeurtje’. Again he takes the men from The orange winter back on track. To make matters worse, Sinterklaas has also brought ridiculous gifts. For example, René gets a helmet with a dildo on it. Wilfred receives a no-singing sign. A realistic gift has arrived especially for Johan – a Danish model.

The spectators are screaming. ‘Sinterklaas is doing great’, someone cheers. Another says: ‘There is nothing better than Sinterklaas sitting at the table with Genee, Derksen and Gijp. Fantastic.’ Either way, he makes everyone smile. ‘Wonderful Sinterklaas evening! I haven’t laughed so much in ages.”

The orange winter you can watch around 9.55pm daily on SBS6. The program is a huge ratings success. The video below explains why.

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