Renault has launched a plan to transform its industrial system to sharply reduce production costs by 2027

​Renault Group is launching a “deep transformation of its industrial system” plan and announcing a target to reduce industrial costs per vehicle by 2027: 30% for thermal vehicles and 50% for electric vehicles, the company says.

Renault 5 E-Tech teaserPhoto: Renault

The plan will also help reduce the average vehicle development time from three to two years.

Renault Group says it is relying in particular on what it calls the “Industrial Metaverse” which is “an accelerator of competitiveness, to reinvent automobile production”.

Renault Group also announces the introduction of new models in its plants.

What Renault says about the new models

“Renault Group announces the production of eight new Renault brand vehicles in its plants. At the Curitiba plant, alongside the Renault Kardian, the Renault Group will produce a second model on its new modular platform. In Turkey, at the Bursa plant, the Group announces the manufacture of four new models by 2027. (…) The Group has thus halved its industrial investments in the last four years and will be able to launch 12 new models in 2024.

What Renault says about the “industrial metaverse”

“Renault Group’s Industrial Metaverse ensures faster and better production, while reducing the costs and carbon footprint of industrial processes. In 2023, Metaverse enabled the group to save 270 million euros, especially for predictive maintenance of facilities. Connecting all workstations and, more broadly, the entire ecosystem (transportation, suppliers, etc.) is a key factor enabling Renault Group to aim for a 60% reduction in vehicle delivery times and to halve its carbon footprint its vehicle production”

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