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Renault Clio Hybrid: This is how the little hybrid works

Mr. Gregorini, the Clio will soon also start as a hybrid. With the Zoe, Renault is seen as a pioneer in electromobility. Why are you now also opting for hybrid?
Claude Gregorini: The hybrid is affordable electrification for city traffic. It fulfills diverse requirements coupled with electric driving pleasure. Since the Clio Hybrid does not have to be plugged in, it is currently the more practical alternative for many customers at the moment. However, we assume that it is the first step on the path to e-mobility for many customers.

Where is the hybrid variant priced – between the normal Clio and the Zoe?
You can assume that it will cost a little more simply because of the higher performance (140 hp) compared to the 130 hp turbo petrol engine and the savings advantage in terms of petrol consumption. But the price will be attractive, I can tell you that much!

Do you expect a lot of interest in the Clio Hybrid?
Absolutely. Due to the good price-performance ratio and the simple suitability for everyday use, we assume that it will become our best-selling Clio variant in the second half of the year and that many fleet customers will also opt for it.


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