Remembering Max: A Dedicated Medical Student’s Journey

Max’s roots were in Ens, close to Emmeloord. When he attended the open day of the medical training at Erasmus MC with his grandfather at the age of 17, he was quickly sold: He wanted to study in this educational center. And so it happened, because if Max was motivated, little could stop him.

Max immediately felt at home in Rotterdam, both inside and outside the medical training. He turned out to be a very motivated and social student and completed his studies with ease and optimism. Gradually his dreams for the future took shape. Max resonated with a broad view of health. He took part in the extra-curricular ESCAPE project, and slowly but surely a career as a general practitioner emerged.

As part of his master’s degree, he started his research internship on dementia at the Department of Epidemiology in October. Max also started there with great enthusiasm, resulting in a flying start. Unfortunately it turned out to be a short flight.

Max died unexpectedly due to an acute medical cause on November 13, on the eve of his 23rd birthday. Our thoughts go out to his parents and brother, other family, fellow students and friends.

By a fellow student

“I got to know Max as an energetic and curious boy. Ever since his first day of shadowing in 5th pre-university education, he was very enthusiastic about the study and wanted to do everything he could to get in. Once admitted, Max beamed with ambition to become a doctor. A dedicated student, he was actively involved in classes and consistently achieved good grades. It was not yet clear to Max which direction he wanted to go, but his interest in cardiology was remarkable; In addition to his regular studies, Max also took extracurricular courses in cardiology and thoracic surgery.

Max was more than his academic pursuits. He was a wonderful person who made an impact on people, including myself. Max will always be remembered as someone who not only pursued his goals, but also helped others achieve their own. Max undoubtedly had his place in the world of medicine.”

By the student team of Interventional Cardiology

What we remember best as a team is that he was always cheerful, modest, honest, open and always ready for a chat. We remember the outings with the intervention team the most. Although we were not strong as a student team in softball, Max was very enthusiastic and enjoyed his day there. Furthermore, he has always gone out with the hard core of the interventional cardiology student team at Witte de With. Although Max did not want to become an interventional cardiologist, he always had an interest in the work of the nurses and doctors in the department.

We offer our condolences to family members for the unimaginable loss of Max. Our thoughts also go out to all his friends, study and housemates and colleagues with whom he has spent precious time in recent years; he will be deeply missed.

On behalf of,

Management, teachers, study advisors, colleagues and fellow students of Erasmus MC

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