Released by the end of 2022, this group gets the Monkeypox vaccine


The government has ordered 2,000 doses of monkeypox vaccine from Denmark, the Nordic region of Bavaria. It is reported that the vaccine will be distributed by the end of 2022. Also, not all Indonesians will receive the vaccine due to the limited quantity. So who will get the monkeypox vaccine?

Dr. Hanny Nilasari, head of Task Force Monkeypox (monkeypox) PB Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI), revealed that her party has recommended the monkeypox vaccine for some groups. These groups include health workers and high-risk populations of monkeypox.

“From the Monkeypox PB IDI Task Force, it is recommended not to administer this vaccine to the entire community, but for limited indications. That is, patients who are in close contact and then also healthcare professionals and high-risk populations to have these cases. , of course this is the main priority. “he said at a virtual press conference on Wednesday (20/9/2022).


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Dr Hanny also said that the monkeypox vaccine did not 100% prevent the risk of monkeypox infection. Even so, people who have received the vaccine and are exposed to monkeypox are not expected to experience any serious symptoms and complications.

“In reality, this vaccination cannot eliminate the infection 100 percent, but of course we hope that the complications these patients get are lighter. Even if they are infected, there will be no complications,” he concluded.

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