Reham Saeed on the authority of Reem Al-Baroudi: “I swear to God that she died for me.”

The media, Reham Saeed, was subjected to a number of criticisms because of her congratulations to the artist Ahmed Saad on his engagement to fashion designer Alia Bassiouni.

In addition to her praise of Alia Bassiouni’s surprise to Ahmed Saad on his birthday, by placing his picture and congratulating him on the billboards on the October Bridge, describing that surprise as a masterpiece.

As some followers indicated, according to (Nort), in their attack on Reham Saeed, to the friendship between Reem Al-Baroudi, Ahmed Saad’s ex-wife.

He came in one of the comments: “I love you very much and respect you very much and respect your opinion and point of view, but I am different with you here, and God is not with your criticism or need .. You brought Reem in an episode of your episodes and we sympathized with her very, very much, but it is a simple reproach.”

And she continued: “It is not expected of you in particular that you congratulate Ahmed on his engagement, regardless of your disagreement with Reem .. I love you, Reem, and Ahmed very much, and forgive me if a word bothered you or upset you.”

Reham Saeed responds to this comment, saying: “My love, I am Ahmed, my friend, who is 25 years old, and the hippo that you are talking about. This is frustrating. That’s because I swear to God that for me she died. “


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