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«Regenerative medicine is one of the pillars of the future of medicine»

Dr. Josep Lluís Carbonell Esteve, director of the Regenerative Medicine Unit of the Mediterranean Medical Clinic, points out that Spain is a leader in regenerative medicine research, and that it is conducting more clinical trials than France, Germany and England together.

Are “stem cells” (SVF) effective in treating knee or hip osteoarthritis?

They are very effective. In 2015, a study conducted in the US and Europe on more than 1,100 patients suffering from knee or hip osteoarthritis, among others, revealed that 3 months after treatment with “mother cells”, experienced pain improvement of at least 50% in 81% of cases.

How long does the improvement last with this treatment?

Quite time, years, since there is a regeneration of articular cartilage and other tissues.

Is platelet rich plasma (PRP) useful for osteoarthritis?

It is very useful especially as a complement to the SVF (stem cells) and especially if it is obtained by the Aferesis procedure since the therapeutic efficacy It is much higher than the normal PRP that is already used in many hospitals.

Can some patients reject stem cells or PRP?

It never happens, since they are the patient’s own cells.

Is it dangerous to undergo this treatment?

No, rather it is a simple treatment and practically lacks side effects. It consists of extracting 50 c / c of fat from the abdomen of the patient with anesthesia. Subsequently, the SVF is separated and 4-5 million mother cells which are injected into a simple 5 cc syringe in the knee or joint affected by osteoarthritis.

The patient leaves at 2 hours on his own foot from the clinic. It is a completely outpatient procedure.

Are PRP and SVF also useful in tendonitis or sports injuries?

Yes, especially when there are partial tears of the tendons or ligaments. This treatment is the one used by famous athletes such as Rafa Nadal, for example.

How do stem cells act before a heart attack?

There are studies that show that stem cells regenerate the heart wall after a heart attack.

In December 2019, at the Germans Trias i Pujol Hospital, the first global bioimplant of a patch with stem cells was performed to repair the heart tissue after a heart attack.

What role does regenerative medicine play in Spain?

Spain is a leader in investigation In this field, it is the country in Europe where more clinical trials are being carried out, more clinical trials under development than France, Germany and England together.

How have you specialized in regenerative medicine?

Apart from a doctor, I am also a patient and I have four knee operations, two in each one and after 17 years of chronic pain in my knees, Dr. Pedro Lapuente, director of the PhisiUp Clinic in Zaragoza, treated my two knees with SVF and PRP -to. The great improvement I experienced, led me to become interested in this field and dedicate myself to it, so that other patients can also experience great therapeutic benefits.

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