Redeem a free dance emote in Fortnite

Twitch is giving away a free dance emote to players from Fortnite: the “Vibrating in the Vibe” emote. To redeem it, you must watch 30 minutes of a stream from a channel with drop rewards enabled.

Check out in the video below, published by the Fridayy channel, what the “Vibrando na Vibe” dance is like:


How to redeem the “Vibrating in the Vibe” emote in Fortnite

To earn the Dance Emote, you need to watch 30 minutes of a Drops-enabled livestream. To see if the streamer has enabled the feature, look at the categories displayed at the bottom of the Twitch screen, next to the game’s name. Check it out in the image below:

Make sure the streamer has “Drops enabled” (Screenshot: Felipe Goldenboy/Canaltech)

In case you haven’t found any streamers of Fortnite on the platform, click Click here and see the full list of content creators with the feature enabled. Then just watch the required minutes. You don’t need to have the window open or the volume turned up: you can leave the window minimized and the volume muted.

To check how many minutes are left to complete the 30 minutes, visit your Drops page on Twitch clicking here. If you prefer to go the manual way, just click on your profile picture, located in the upper right corner, and click on Drops (see photo below). A minute counter should appear on the screen, showing your progress towards claiming the reward.

To see the progress of the Drop, follow this path (Screenshot: Felipe Goldenboy/Canaltech)

Once you complete the 30 minutes, you must connect your Twitch account to your Epic Games profile, so that the reward is registered in your login. To visit the connections page, Click here — or, if you prefer, click on your profile picture, click on “Settings” and look for the “Connections” tab.

With the process done, you will be notified that you have won the Gesture as soon as you open it. Fortnite (see photo below). Then just equip it in your inventory.

“Thanks for watching Fortnite on Twitch,” reads an in-game message (Screenshot: Felipe Goldenboy/Canaltech)

The “Vibrando na Vibe” gesture will be offered until Thursday (9), at 20:54 (Brasilia time). The toast is a commemoration of the launch of Episode 3 – Season 3 of Fortnitecalled “In Vibe“.

Fortnite is available for free for Xbox, PlayStation, PC, Nintendo SwitchiOS (via Xbox Cloud Gaming) e Android.

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