Record Rainfall Causes Flooding and Landslides on Madeira Island

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Severe weather in Madeira: masses of water roll through the capital Funchal after heavy rainfall. © Twitter Screenshot/ MeteoTrasMontPT

Heavy storms swept across the Portuguese holiday island of Madeira. Record rainfall caused flooding and landslides on the Atlantic island.

Funchal – Storm “Oscar” swept across the Azores. Heavy rain has fallen on the holiday island of Madeira (Portugal). Weather stations record historic record rainfall for Portugal. Within 24 hours, more than 600 millimeters were measured at a station on the Atlantic island.

Storm on holiday island: masses of water after record rainfall on Madeira

After the heavy rain, masses of water rolled from the mountainous Atlantic island towards the sea, taking mud and stones with them. A short video that spread on social networks documents how a huge tidal wave built up in seconds after heavy rain. Suddenly, the water in a stream in the capital, Funchal, swells. Like a tsunami, a dark broth makes its way unstoppably.

Storm “Oscar”: “Red” alert on the Atlantic island of Madeira

The worst on the island of Madeira is already over, reports the Portuguese news agency Lusa, citing the Portuguese Institute for the Sea and Atmosphere (IPMA). Before the storm “Oscar”, the highest warning level “red” applied for Monday (June 5) and Tuesday (June 6) for the south coast and for the mountainous region on the Atlantic island.

Flights have been canceled and schools closed. The University of Madeira also stopped teaching as a precaution. Landslides occurred in some parts of the island, roads had to be temporarily closed and trees fell. None of the incidents were serious. According to an initial assessment by Madeira’s Civil Protection, the municipalities of Funchal, Santa Cruz, Machico and Câmara de Lobos were particularly affected.

Storm low “Oscar” is heading for Portugal’s mainland

In the mountainous region of Madeira Island, however, the warning level “Yellow” remains on Wednesday (June 7). Wind gusts of up to 95 km/h are still to be expected.

Meanwhile, “Oscar” is approaching mainland Portugal. Weather warnings for heavy showers, hail and thunderstorms are in force in eleven regions. According to the current weather forecast, rain is announced until next week. The weather in Portugal, a holiday destination, is not expected to improve until mid-June. Just recently, a hailstorm turned a holiday resort on Lake Garda into a winter wonderland. (ml)

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