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Reconversion: Diam’s launches into interior design – People

Diam’s, which for several years has taken its name, Mélanie Georgiades, is embarking on interior decoration. This is what she announced on Instagram by opening a brand new account, entitled “Home by Mel” and where she describes: “I share with you my love of design and architecture as well as my own projects in this field…”

The star has already published several photos, showing interiors and houses in a natural setting. Wood and stone seem to be his favorite materials. She adorns her publications with phrases and quotes intended to be inspiring and oriented towards inner peace and well-being. On his latest publication, we discover a house that fits perfectly with the nature that surrounds it. In caption: “The house is where the heart is”.

Life far from the city and its turpitudes now seems to be the leitmotif of Mélanie Georgiades. “Connected to the world. Disconnected from human beings, “Diams also writes in a caption of a photo of a house at the foot of a mountain and with large picture windows.

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Created: 01.01.2020, 3:38 p.m.

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