Reconstruction of Eratupetta-Wagamon Road Completed, Boosts Tourism Development

Aerial view of reconstructed Eratupetta-Wagamon road

Eratupetta: Reconstruction of Eratupetta-Wagamon road has been completed which will boost tourism development. Travel to Wagaman from Pala and Eratupetta regions will be easy.

Uralungal Labor Contract Society completed the road work contract in re-tender in four months.

19.9 crore administrative approval was given in October 2021 and technical approval was given in December 2021 for the rehabilitation of the road which has been dilapidated for more than ten years. BMBC with financial support from KIFB. The plan was to build the road to the standard.

The contract was signed in February 2022 for Rs 16.87 crore. The requirement was to complete the road work in six months. The contractor who defaulted in the construction work was dismissed.

Later, Uralungal Labor Contract Society took the second tender and completed the construction of 24 km road in four months.

Minister P.A. Mohammad Riaz Road will be inaugurated. Minister V.N. Vasavan will preside.

happy moment-.Minister Muhammad Riaz

The deplorable condition of the Eratupetta-Wagamon road was one of the major issues raised by MLAs and the people after taking charge of the Public Works Department. The road renovation work has now been completed after overcoming many hurdles. Sharing with people’s happiness

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