Reconciliation between Biden and Adams: The Solution to the Immigration Crisis in New York Begins with Venezuelans

Reconciliation between Biden and Adams: The Solution to the Immigration Crisis in New York Begins with Venezuelans

The immigration crisis that New York City is experiencing generated a rare cooling of relations between President Joe Biden and Eric Adams, the mayor of that city, normally political allies, but it also led to a solution that could begin reconciliation between the two. parts.

Adams, who describes the situation as a “humanitarian crisis,” has estimated that the city government could have to spend $12 billion over three years if a solution to the problem is not found, which is why he has pressured the Biden administration to to take action on the matter.

Why the solution to the immigrant problem in New York begins with Venezuelans

From the spring of 2022 until the beginning of September, New York City has received more than 113,300 immigrants from around the world, who seek refuge and work in the most famous city in the United States, whose laws require it to shelter everyone. whoever asks for it. Adams had repeatedly asked the federal government for help through funds and accelerated work authorizations for immigrants, so that they can become self-sufficient and stop being an economic burden on the city. A large proportion of these immigrants come from Venezuela. In an interview with the local CBS News affiliate in New York City, Adams said the city currently has about 60,000 Venezuelan refugees under its care. The Biden administration extends Temporary Protected Status eligibility for Venezuelans in its territory On Wednesday, the Biden administration finally responded to the pleas of New York City by announcing the renewal and expansion of Temporary Protected Status (TPS, by their initials in English) for Venezuelans who have settled in the United States before July 31. The original measure only protected Venezuelans living in the United States until March 2021. This measure could benefit some 470,000 Venezuelans throughout the country, protecting them from deportation and granting them the right to obtain a work permit. The measure benefits about 15,000 Venezuelan migrants who are currently under the care of the city of New York, and who by finding work will no longer be an economic burden on the city. Venezuelan migrants have arrived in New York not only by their own means, but also transported by the governments of red states such as Texas and Florida, which seek to take political advantage of the border crisis.

Does the extension of TPS for Venezuelans represent a truce between the mayor of New York and the White House?

The announcement of the measure immediately lowered the temperature of the confrontation between the federal government and the New York mayor’s office. Adams told CBS that the White House had heard calls from New York’s congressional delegation and his office, and that he believes “the measure can serve as the blueprint to take this heavy burden off the taxpayers of the city of NY”. Adams also said that “asylum seekers want to work, they want to contribute to the American dream and we need to find a way for them to do that.” The mayor reaffirmed that the city must be financially assisted, revealing, through a conciliatory tone, that it still has demands that must be heard by the White House. For her part, New York’s Democratic governor, Kathy Hochul, praised the federal government’s action Tuesday night. “I am grateful that the federal government has acted so quickly to fulfill one of our top priorities: providing Temporary Protected Status to Venezuelan asylum seekers and migrants who have already arrived in this country,” she Hochul said in a statement. The statement says that “there is more work to do as we address this crisis, but New York State is prepared to immediately begin the process of registering people for work authorization and getting them jobs so they can become self-sufficient.” . In an interview with CNN Hochul said that the government’s measure will have a measurable effect on the growing immigration crisis in New York, even though it only applies to Venezuelans. According to the governor, 41% of all immigrants currently in New York shelters are Venezuelans.

What the Biden government says

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said in a statement that after reviewing conditions in Venezuela and consulting with interagency partners, it was “determined that an extension and redesignation of TPS for 18 months is warranted.” Mayorkas cited Venezuela’s “growing instability and lack of security caused by persistent humanitarian conditions of political and environmental insecurity.” The statement further says that currently “there are nearly 472,000 additional Venezuelan citizens who could be eligible under the redesignation of Venezuela.” The statement made no reference to the dispute between Adams and President Biden. After a meeting with President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva of Brazil, the White House issued a statement stating that the two leaders “noted the importance of restoring democracy in Venezuela.” The statement added that at the meeting “President Biden reiterated the United States’ support for the people of Venezuela and outlined our vision for a step-by-step approach in which concrete actions are taken to restore Venezuelan democracy, leading to free and fair elections.” fair.”

The US will open centers for migrants in Colombia and Guatemala: are they tangible measures or more than what already exists?

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