Recap of Big Brother Episode 4: Nominations, Televoting Results, and Immunity Twist

Recap of Big Brother Episode 4: Nominations, Televoting Results, and Immunity Twist

The fourth episode of Big Brotherthe one on Thursday 21 September, brought with it the names of five tenants who will have to face the judgment of the public. The result of televoting will decree the eliminated or the eliminated Of Monday 25 September. From this week, in fact, the reality show hosted by Alfonso Signorini is broadcast every Monday and Thursday evening on Canale 5.

One of the names emerged from the results of the televoting among the nominees of the third episode, namely Beatrice, Lorenzo, Arnold and Vittorio. The first to be saved in this evening’s televoting was Vittorio Menozzi. Then it was Lorenzo Remotti’s turn. So two nips saved and the only VIP nominated still on the gridiron. Beatrice Luzzi’s astonished face says a lot. One of her and Arnold Cardaropoli is the loser in the televoting. And the tenant least voted for saving is himself Arnold Cardaropoli. He will be the one to go to the televoting on Monday evening.

The nominees of today’s evening, net of the House’s favourites, were: Angelica Baraldi, Claudio Roma, Valentina Modini, Giselda Torresan, Lorenzo Remotti, Rosy Chin, Samira Lui, Letizia Petris, Vittorio Menozzi, Anita Olivieri, Heidi Baci and Beatrice Luzzi. The others, found to be the favourites, were made immune. Plot twist: the commentator Cesara Buonamici gives immunity to Beatrice Luzzi. The nominees of the episode are Claudio, Giselda and Vittorio.

There is also televoting with them Greece Apiaries, nominated for a long time because it has been at risk of elimination for two episodes now. There are therefore a total of five tenants going to the televoting: Arnold, Grecia, Claudio, Giselda and Vittorio. The episode on Monday 25 September will see the presumably definitive exit from the House of one of these five contestants.

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