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Realme Prepares New C Series Smartphone, Promises Many Improvements

JawaPos.com – A smartphone brand that consistently targets young people as a market, Realme, has confirmed that it will launch a new smartphone for the Indonesian market. Realme presents the C67.

For the first time, the Realme C Series will use the number “7” in product naming which marks the biggest improvement in the history of the C Series. Realme C67 is promised to provide the best features and design, which will set a higher standard for smartphones in its price class.

As a new member of the Champion smartphone family, Realme C67 will bring the biggest improvements compared to the previous generation. One of the main improvements to the Realme C67 will be the camera and design sectors.

In the camera sector, Realme will bring leading technology and resolution that can be relied on for the various photography needs of young people. Meanwhile, in terms of design and appearance, Realme C67 is the leader in the industry in terms of bezel thinness by presenting the thinnest bezel in its class which makes this smartphone look premium and comfortable when used for various needs.

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Not only the camera and design, Realme C67 brings Mini Capsule 2.0 which is increasingly optimized and improved in terms of visual form and interactive functional experience. Mini Capsule 2.0 brings a fresher look to smartphones with more functions.

Through this feature, the display of a number of notifications on the Realme UI used will intelligently adapt to the screen by encircling the front camera through a small capsule-like design that is innovative and attractive.

“Realme C67 was born through the process of listening to the various needs and requests of young people, which encouraged realme to present the biggest improvement in various features in the history of the realme C Series compared to the previous generation,” said Michonne Wang, Marketing Director of Realme Indonesia in Jakarta.

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For information, the Realme C Series is said to always provide the best features and design in its class, which makes this series always a favorite of users and has succeeded in recording various achievements in the industry. It is recorded that the Realme C Series succeeded in reaching 100 million of the 200 million Realme smartphone shipments worldwide in just 5 years.

Domestically, the Champion smartphone, which was presented with a series of breakthrough innovations, also managed to record a positive record in the Indonesian smartphone industry. Realme C55 and realme C53, which were present in Indonesia with superior features in their segment, managed to set a record by becoming the best-selling smartphones in the IDR 2 million price class during their first sale.

In the more affordable price class, namely IDR 1 million, realme also presents the realme C51 which also presents the latest features that are hard to find in its price class, such as the fastest charging power of 33W and large memory, as well as NFC and Mini Capsule.

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