Reality TV Star Alex Abandons the Game to Return Home with Family

04 December 2023

After long reflection, Alex decides to abandon the game to return home with his family

Despite the splendid surprise received and the outcome of this evening’s televoting, Alex now seems to have very clear ideas: the competitor has decided that he wants to abandon the game to return to his family.

“I had already announced to my parents that I would go home with my family” he tells the host and, proud of his adventure, concludes “I gave what I wanted to give”.

At this point, Alfonso thanks Alex for sharing his story with everyone and for giving great emotions both inside and outside the house: “You were a great competitor” he says excitedly.

Accompanied by the applause of all the tenants, the marcher reaches the Red Door where his family is there to welcome him: “Let’s go home” he exclaims, clutching his dearest loved ones.

Although sorry for his abandonment, the competitors say goodbye and thank their partner, wishing him the best.

2023-12-04 22:04:09
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