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Real Madrid wins Turkish Airlines EuroLeague Final with game-winning basket by Llull

by Eurohoops Team / [email protected]

In the final game of the season in Turkish Airlines EuroLeague, Real Madrid beat Olympiakos 78-79 with Sergio Llull’s game-winning basket.

Llull, who found only two points in the match, found these numbers at the most critical moment and brought the championship to the purple-whites.

Walter Tavares also played a big role with his dominance in the painted area and finished the game with 13 points – 10 rebounds – 2 assists. Tavares was named Final Four MVP after his performance.

Speaking at the press conference held after the match, Tavares demanded that Chus Mateo be given his due:

“The intensity of emotion is so high, I don’t know how to express it. All I can do is congratulate the man (Chus Mateo) sitting here next to me. It took a lot of pain from all of us to be able to play together, fight for this club. I give him all the credit because the first year is tough for any coach and any player. Being a head coach in Madrid is very, very difficult. We want to congratulate him. Thanks to him we are here; We are here because he believed in us. People didn’t believe us or him, but his self-confidence is very high. He deserves it. You owe him an apology too. There was too much criticism, too much doubt on him. Coaches of other teams are mentioned all the time, but I don’t see Chus mentioning his name. He’s the boss here, so you have to mention his name every time. We wouldn’t be here without him. He was the one who believed us. He deserves all this more than anyone. He is one of the best people I have ever met in my life. There are so many alphas on the team, you have to handle everyone. Chus Mateo deserves everything.”

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