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Rayong found infected with Covid, an additional person is a company employee Stuck from colleagues

Today (27 Jan 64) that Lieutenant Colonel Pirunhamarak Deputy Governor of Rayong State of the COVID-19 situation New wave of Rayong Province That the situation of the COVID outbreak in Rayong Province has improved steadily The number of patients left is only 1-2 people per day. Most recently, one new patient was found, a 29-year-old Thai woman, Huai Pong Subdistrict Mueang Rayong District As a result, 577 people were infected, 551 were healed, and 25 were left in hospital, the number of deaths remained the same, with 20,711 aggressive testing of the infection.

That Lt. Piroon continued that after the situation began to improve Rayong Communicable Disease Committee Has a resolution to open the service of 10 types of establishments, effective from today onwards But every relaxed business needs a screening measure. Control the number of people And strictly adhere to the specified measures If not follow May improve or order closure on a case-by-case basis for establishments that are still in operation Including educational institutions Have to wait for clarity from the large batch on January 29, whether there will be relaxation or not.

Dr. Prapas Kuongduang, deputy health physician of Rayong province, said that only 25 of the 577 patients with COVID were still hospitalized, most of them showing no symptoms. Some have mild symptoms Only one patient left with pneumonia. It is expected that all illnesses will be recovered soon. The latest patient, a 29-year-old Thai woman, has a history of infection from a colleague who was ill five days ago, and took this patient to a state detention facility when 5 days ago, I examined the high-risk group, husbands. Which is now imported into the state detention facility Thus ensuring that the infection will not spread anywhere else.

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