Rain of medals during the mayor’s greetings in St-André de Najac

Mr. Le Maire, Christophe Dega and his entire team were able to present their wishes to the Saint-Andréens who came in large numbers for the first time since the last election (pandemic for 3 years).

In the presence of André AT, Departmental Councillor, the Mayor recounted the work carried out: website, purchase of the tractor and the mower, renovation of part of the municipal housing, securing of the Najac tour, restoration of the Notre Dame de Laval chapel, road works, addressing, communal building of 450 m2 which has just been finished, purchase of the Pub (the Saint-André).

For 2023, changes will occur in terms of household waste, there will only be 4 collection points for robotic collection (Laval, Rousséjac, St André and Canabral), public lighting will switch to LED, optical fiber is in rolling out across the community.

The renovation of municipal housing will continue, there will be 7 plots to be subdivided, training in first aid measures will be put in place, a 1st meeting with the theme “How do you see your village in 10 years, the PLUI, the House of health

Then the 5 elected were rewarded for their dedication with the regional, departmental and municipal medal of honor awarded by Mr. AT with 2 elected Gold Medalists: André Dalet, Municipal Councilor from 1971 to 1989 then Mayor from 1989 to 2020 and Jacques Lagarrigue since 1983 until today and 3 elected Vermeil Medal, Anne-Marie Guises from 1989 to 2020, Francis Medal, from 1989 to 2020, and Christian Hugounet from 1989 to today. Then it was the cake and the visit of the new communal workshop.

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